Looking back on the year that has been 2023, Lansing has seen a lot of change.

Lansing Businesses That Have Closed or Opened in 2023

We've seen places like The Grid Arcade & Bar in Old Town, YaYa's Flame Broiled Chicken in Lansing, and more close their doors for the last time.

And while Lansing has experienced those loses and more like them, we've also seen the blossoming of new businesses opening, like the only Peruvian restaurant in Mid-Michigan soon to open in Okemos, or like this brand new cookie place that's moving into the Red Cedar Development.

Now, we have another new restaurant to look forward to.

A New Taco Place is Opening in Lansing

If you like tacos, you're in luck, because a new taco place called El Catrin Taco Shop is opening on Michigan Avenue in Lansing.

Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing
Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing

Do you remember where Tanin used to be? And Tabooli, before that? That's where El Catrin plans to open.

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Besides this big, bright, and newly installed sign out front...

Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing
Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing

There is no other signage. Nothing to indicate when it might open. Just the promise of "tacos & more" sometime in the future.

I'm happy to see another business that will be opening in Lansing. I hope this place sticks around.

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In the meantime, if you're looking for some delicious grub or drinks in the Lansing area, check out the galleries below.

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