It seems like so many beloved places across the greater Lansing area have closed in the last year.

Lansing Business That Have Closed in 2023

Tanin on Michigan Avenue closed in early August. We also lost YaYa's Flame Broiled Chicken back in mid-June.

Now, Lansing has to say goodbye to another beloved business.

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The Grid Arcade & Bar in Old Town Lansing is closing its doors.

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Google Streetview

The Grid in Old Town Lansing is Closing

The team at The Grid posted to their Facebook page Thursday, September 28th, to announce that they had begun, "The Final Level".

I remember getting to take a look on the inside before The Grid first opened, and I was in awe at this awesome place they had put together. It was like stepping into the perfect game room that every kid had fantasized about at one point or another. Except, this game room was for the big kids. I'm truly sad to see this cool business leave the landscape of Old Town.

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The Grid welcomed big kids turned adults to play some pinball or Mario Kart, have a cocktail or mocktail, and enjoy themselves. They also had all-age welcome days to make sure kids and families could enjoy it too.

If you have fond memories at The Grid or would like to make new ones before they say goodbye, there's still time to do so. "Last call will be on Saturday, October 21st".

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