Downtown Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Police Department had an interesting night this last Sunday.

According to KTLA-TV, around midnight Sunday night, a "flash mob of electric scooter riders" (there's a term you wouldn't have predicted ten years ago) swarmed downtown L.A. The video shows a surreal scene of some of the estimated 200 scooter riders being followed by LAPD cars, sirens blaring. Surprisingly, there were no arrests (maybe the LAPD thought it was kind of fun). The L.A. police say this isn't the first time this has happened. Here's the story - with video.

Hmm, what Mid-Michigan college town is about to have (according to the State News) 300 Gotcha electric scooters dropped off on their doorstep? Possibly this week or next?  Here's the story.

And, while a flash mob of scooter riders seems less dangerous than burning couches, I don't know if the county's police horses are ready for this.

Kids, don't spook the horses.

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