While it is often a question as to whether it is or whether it isn't, the Waterfront Bar and Grill in the Lansing City Market continues to be open for business. As we posted here on the WITL website a couple months ago, after a long battle the Waterfront was told it would have to vacate their downtown location. But that has yet to become a reality.

What is keeping the popular watering hole open is that their owner, Simmons Properties, LLC in Williamston has been suing to prevent their eviction by LEPFA, the Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority.

According to the City Pulse, not only has the Waterfront refused to leave, they are actually expanding their menu, which will include Gumps BBQ, an area favorite. The Waterfront Bar & Grill is the last business to occupy the Lansing City Market.

Get more information about the continuing story of the Waterfront Bar & Grill and their quest to stay in business here from the City Pulse.

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