According to, the 3rd annual Margarita Fest has now been cancelled.

The popular event, which is a partnership between The Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority (LEPFA) and the Lansing City Pulse was to take place at the Lansing Center on Friday, May 29th from 5:30 until 9:00 p.m.

Margarita Fest was to feature multiple booths that were to serve 3 flavors of margaritas, with some created specifically for the festival. There was to be a "Best Margarita" and costume competition, traveling entertainers and live acts in a gazebo.

No word yet on if and when the now cancelled Margarita Fest will take place in the future. To get more information, you can go here to the website.

Also check the gallery out below of delicious margaritas and dream of summer days ahead.

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A Margarita Gallery

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