After a long battle, the Waterfront Bar & Grill has been told it will have to vacate it's current location, which is the Lansing City Market at the beginning of June, according to the Lansing State Journal. This development comes from a legal dispute where the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled in favor of LEPFA, the Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority.

The court decided that LEPFA was within their right to ask the Waterfront, owned by Simmons Properties, to leave the complex. The original request took place the middle of last year, with the Waterfront taking legal action to stay in place with the argument that LEPFA's original request to vacate violated a provision in their lease that gave Simmons Properties the option to renew.

The Lansing Entertainment and Public Facilities Authority is a public organization that manages venues in the area for the City of Lansing. The funds that are used by LEPFA to facilitate their operation are raised through taxes.

The current request for the Waterfront to close at the City Market will take place if the bar and grill's owner doesn't take action to try and overturn the decision by the Court of Appeals. In the meantime the Waterfront Bar & Grill is open for business in the Lansing City Market.

Get more information here on this story from the Lansing State Journal.

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