Wait what now?

Lansing City Market, which has been sitting idle for pretty much a year, has a new name and new plans for the future.

Introducing...wait for it...

The Lansing Shuffleboard and Social Club.

Nope, we kid you not.

When I hear the words shuffleboard and social club together, THIS is the first thing that comes to mind.

In reality, were probably talking something more like this.

But then again, when you take a look at what the mayor said on Tuesday and what the developers are planning, they mentioned courts...not tables.

Tuesday, Mayor Andy Schor announced plans to turn the 11,000 square foot space into an area for social gatherings. It will be called the Lansing Shuffleboard and Social Club.

The company developing the space, Detroit Rising Development, says it will house six to seven food vendors and eight shuffleboard courts. They also plan to create a second floor and a mezzanine area. (WILX)

So, chances are we're getting this.

Detroit Rising Development’s founder, John Hartzell is hoping to have it finished within the next two years. The company will invest $3.2 million into the project. (WILX)

2 years and $3.2 million? These folks have a prime location to come up with something cool.

Around the country, THIS IS TRENDING. Take a look.

Wait...food, drinks, a dj, AND some shuffle board. Ok. See, what they needed was some visuals to help sell this thing. Because this does indeed look cool.

And the folks at Detroit Rising have come up with some pretty unique and amazing projects in Detroit. We might have to wait a while. Let's hope the trend and fad haven't died out and that they deliver us something truly special in Downtown Lansing.

We have high hopes. The clock is ticking.

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