2021 has brought some new businesses and many big upgrades to mid-Michigan. Many old buildings in the Lansing area have and will be redeveloped and upgraded to some great apartment living.

Really nice to see this after a couple of rough years because of the pandemic.

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And check this out, Detroit Rising Development, the company that helped the former Lansing City Market turn into the Lansing Shuffleboard and Social Club, is getting well over $200,000 for expansion and the project from the city according to fox47news.com.

More Money Means Better Shopping

That does not include the $400,000 brownfield grant already received. The project’s total cost is $3.5 million.

Detroit Rising owns Detroit Shipping Co. in midtown Detroit, which the new Lansing City Market will be modeled after.

There'll be eight food vendors Jonathan Hartzell, the founder of Detroit Rising Development , said. “So, if you're a group of people, you can go and each person gets something different. Or you can all get small bites and share. And you have a lot of variety. You can come back multiple times to get multiple different experiences and food. And then beyond that, we tried to add in music and culture.


Downtown Lansing Growing

So get ready for the Lansing City Market area to get even better. I love living downtown. Been a lot of excitement around Lansing’s riverfront lately with more amenities for folks living there. This will help inspire more people to consider moving to this great community.  Downtown Lansing just getting better and better.

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