I so understand the frustration all the restaurant owners and workers are going through right now. I for one am praying this three week order is not extended. I totally get we all need to be safe, but on the other hand we all need to make a living and support our families. The new vaccine that may come out next month will hopefully have us eating inside our favorite restaurants and bars in 2021 safely.

This is happening in Lapeer County Michigan.

Restaurant owners say they have reopened their doors for indoor dining to support their community and employees less than one week after a public health order requiring them to put a halt to the service. A number of restaurants in Lapeer and the surrounding communities have posted the same lengthy message to their Facebook pages stating they’re banding together to offer in-person dining after the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services implemented a three-week ban on Nov. 18 to try and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

In the meantime here in Lansing, I have been trying to do my part for local businesses and restaurants. I try to pick up carryout at least 3 times a week and of course tip the employees well. One thing is for sure, when things get back to normal I am going to go out to eat more often then ever.

What do you think? Should restaurants try and reopen indoor dining during the three week order?

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