Do you ever find yourself dreaming about food? With this new weighted blanket from Pizza Hut you might find yourself dreaming about food more often. Pizza Hut has teamed up with Gravity Blanket and created a weighted blanket that looks like an Original Pan pizza.

The blanket resembles a giant cheese and pepperoni pizza and is 72" in diameter. Each blanket comes with an easy to remove duvet cover and a 15 pound inner weighted blanket that contains glass beads. Worried about washing your blanket? Here's Gravity Blanket's washing instructions,

"The cover is machine washable (wash in cold water, tumble dry on low), while the inner weighted blanket is hand-wash-only and air dry."

What's so special about weighted blankets? The blankets are a form of "deep-pressure therapy", which is supposed to make you feel calm and reduce symptoms of fatigue and anxiety. So, if you're someone who finds themselves tossing and turning at night because they can't turn their brains off, try a weighted blanket! Maybe you're not the biggest fan of pizza and don't want a pizza blanket. Lucky for you, there's plenty of other blankets out there and they all have different weights to choose from.

Weighted blankets aren't for everyone. So, if you've tried one and found they aren't for you, here's some more tips to help you get a good nights sleep. Blue-light glasses are an easy way to help your brain unwind at night. You can even try bedtime yoga that you can do while in bed!

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