Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night? Is your brain constantly racing and you feel like you're never able to get a good night sleep? I felt the same way until I got a weighted blanket and now I sleep like Sleeping Beauty. I'm someone who's brain is pretty hyperactive, so I have a hard time trying to unwind at night. I've tried Melatonin, Valerian Root, you name it, none of it really helped.

So what exactly does a weighted blanket do? The idea is that the weight from the blanket makes you feel calm, so you can get some shut eye. Eureka Alert covered a study and said the weighted blanket significantly reduced insomnia because the blanket is similar to a "deep-pressure therapy." Participants who used the weighted blanket had a higher activity level during the day and reduced symptoms of fatigue and anxiety.

There are all kinds of different weights you can use too! If you decide you want to buy one, each blanket usually has a guide on what weight you should get. You can get a blanket anywhere from 10-25 pounds. I will say, they're not for everyone. My mom crashed at my place after we moved all of my stuff to Lansing and she hated it. But she's someone who sleeps flat on her back with just a sheet and sometimes looks like she's part of the bed haha. Just an FYI, they can be a bit pricey depending on what brand you go with. If you want to try the one I have, I bought the Saatva brand. I hope it helps you as much as it's helped me!

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