If you're like me and you love sleep but have the hardest time falling asleep at night, I'm here to help! You may have heard me talk about getting a weighted blanket, which I love, but they're not for everyone.

Here are three ways to help you unwind from a long day:

Bed Time Yoga

It sounds crazy, but I promise it's not haha. I'm not saying do a headstand for as long as you can or twist yourself into a pretzel, there are SO many easy and relaxing yoga poses you can do right in bed! Look up the legs up the wall pose, it's really easy to do and it's supposed to help relax you. If you're looking for a stricter nighttime routine, you can always download a yoga app or Pinterest "bedtime yoga" for a quick 5-10 minute routine. That's how I started out!

Eliminate Blue Light

Put your phone, tablet, any electronic device down a half hour or hour before bed. According to Good News Network blue light is the spectrum present in daylight and red or orange is the one that's present during the sun setting. Most of our hand held devices give off blue-light which tricks our brains into thinking it's still daytime. If you're too addicted to your phone, they do have screen protectors or apps that give off that red/orange light to help your brain ease into night mode.

Keep Your Space Clean

I cannot stress this enough! How do you expect your mind to unwind and let go of clutter from the day if your physical space is also cluttered? There was a study done by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine that says people who live in clutter have increased stress leading to sleep deprivation. So make sure you put away that load of laundry that's been sitting there since last week so you can get some shut eye!

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