I don't know whether I was just cranky, or whether I'm really onto something here.

I went to a well-known Lansing eatery over the weekend, and within ten minutes, found myself extremely annoyed. Not with the staff or the service, but by the behavior of several other customers.

Not looking to shame the establishment, so I'll leave its name out of this. Suffice it to say that it includes a food bar where you can serve yourself.

These are my random musings on the experience, and some ideas that would make Michigan restaurants better if we could all just get on board.

Learning Plastic Glove Etiquette

Photos by Canva
Photos by Canva

I get it. Having plastic gloves made available and encouraged for use at a self-serve food bar is a new thing for a lot of us. After all, prior to the pandemic, they were rarely if ever seen.

But let's try to employ a little common sense here.

What's the purpose of the plastic glove? It's to provide a barrier between ourselves and communal serving utensils.

If we don the gloves, we should not then proceed to touch our bare mouths and faces with them. This defeats the whole purpose.

If we could learn the basics of food safety, that would be great.

Speakers off!

Photos by Canva
Photos by Canva


It's bad enough to feel the need to carry on a conversation via phone during a meal. (We've all heard the loud talker at the table behind us.) It takes things to a whole 'nother level when everyone else is forced to be subjected to both ends of the conversation.

Extra annoying points if 1) the conversation is obviously not important, and 2) if it drones on and on.

If the call is that important, one should excuse oneself and take it outside.

Basic Civility

Photo by Canva
Photo by Canva

Look. We all get upset with our significant others from time to time.

That's no excuse to publicly humiliate them and call them every profanity under the sun while they quietly bow their head over their salad.

A crowded restaurant is no place to air your grievances. How the two of you choose the conduct yourselves in the privacy of your own home is your business. However, when you opt to berate someone in front of perfect strangers, you make it everyone else's business.

For the record, to the lady in the Michigan State shirt and ballcap, here's hoping you find someone who treats you better.


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