As it has happened before, sadly, another restaurant in the Lansing area is closing.

Lansing Area Restaurant Closures

This time, word spread via a trusted foodie source in the greater Lansing area; the Lansing Foodies Facebook Group. They know everything happening in the local foodie realm, including the news of this sad closure.

According to one of the members of the group, they learned that the Old Chicago Pizza + Taproom in Okemos is closing.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Although, at this time, the Old Chicago website still has the West Grand River Avenue location as open, a source within the comments of the Lansing Foodies post confirms the closure.

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The original post made to the Lansing Foodies page was simple; they had just learned that Old Chicago was closing and they're sad to see it go because they love the food. Within the comment section, I found confirmation.

One Charity Robinson, who is the General Manager at Old Chicago in Okemos chimed in and confirmed that Old Chicago was indeed closing. They also mentioned how quickly the info had spread, as they had only just started to contact employees and guests with reservations the same day that the Lansing Foodies post was made. It seems like the Old Chicago location in Southgate is also closing.

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If you'd like to visit Old Chicago before it closes its doors for good, the last day is Saturday, March 16th.

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