It is with a sad heart that I type this yet again.

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Lansing is losing another restaurant.

This restaurant has been apart of Lansing for quite some time, 1970 to be exact, so it's like losing a piece of Lansing history.

The Airport Tavern and Steakhouse is Closing Temporarily

Google Streetview
Google Streetview

The Airport Tavern and Steakhouse is closing, at least for the time being. This announcement came Thursday, January 12th. And like many other restaurants and businesses in the area, they've had a rough go of things the last year.

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Airport Tavern made this announcement via their Facebook, giving us a more in-depth look at what's happening behind the scenes for them.

They specifically pointed to "lack of adequate kitchen staff" as being an issue. Looking further onto their Facebook, it was just a few days before this announcement that they posted that they were hiring for kitchen staff.

Lansing Residents are Going to Miss the Airport Tavern

The Airport Tavern will be truly missed by patrons. Here's what some of them had to say;

I'm so sad, that was one of favorite places. The food, the atmosphere, it was laid back and reliable. It will be truly missed.


Don’t give up the ship. There are blue skies on the horizon! I’ve been going the the Airport since the 70s.


Many fond memories from my childhood here... This is very sad for a Lansing staple. All the best, and I hope the Tavern can get back to serving those delicious Sizzlers!


Hopefully, the Airport Tavern is able to reopen soon.

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