Losing weight is one of the things many of us struggle with. Yo-yo dieting is something I am so guilty of. Up 20 down 20. One of the biggest successes I have had is losing 40 pounds in 2016. It was the fastest but may have been the unhealthiest diet I've ever tried.  It was a 600 calorie a day diet that put your body in ketosis. I will never do that again; I was miserable.

They say the best way to lose weight is changing your daily eating habits, and I am starting to agree. Rapid weight loss is not healthy, plus it makes you gain the pounds back so fast if you go back to your old eating habits. What works for me when I am disciplined about it is eating healthy during the week and eating what I want on the weekend in moderation.

Looking for weight loss tips? Here are some great ones from Healthline.

One of the biggest things I learned over the years is gonna help me with being new here in Lansing: make sure you stock up on healthy food. You'll eat whatever you have in your house, so make sure that you have a lot of healthy foods to choose from. In my new place, there's a grocery store across the street, so I'm going to do my best to shop there instead of turning to fast food all the time. Shopping for good healthy low carb foods is fun and easy. With foods like that, you can eat a lot while still losing weight. Healthy low carb foods include avocados, veggies, tofu, many cheeses, lean meats and poultry.

I also know you're not suppose to set unrealistic goals for yourself or you set yourself up to fail. Do you have any diet tips you can share? Let us know!

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