The number one New Years resolution for us every year is to lose weight and exercise more. Sure a great way to start the New Year. The trouble is will you stick to it?  I started mine early about a week before Christmas. Basically I have given up sweets which is so hard for me. I am eating more vegetables, chicken, lean meat and keeping the carbs low.

It seems I am a yo yo dieter, up and down 25 pounds every other year.  Not the best for ya. I do have to have a few cheat days a month. The best way of course from what I hear is to just change your eating habits.

If it's your goal to lose weight this year, here are the top 5 best diets from

I have a few friends that are really into healthy eating, and if you diet they say 80 percent of it is eating the right foods. The other 20 percent is exercise.

Do you have any diet plans in the New Year? What diet has worked for you in the past?

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