Should there even be any holiday eating rules? Maybe. But this year I say NO. This year I think we should have a pass and get to eat anything we want. We deserve it; it's been quite a year. I'm gonna enjoy my faves this year like eggnog, cookies and chips salsa. Of course in moderation along with exercise. I may throw in a healthy salad just for kicks and so I can feel better about all the eating I am going to do.

Well check this out. According to huffpost,com, some "food rules" are actually just diets.

There’s nothing wrong with taking an “everything in moderation” approach at the dinner table, but other “rules” we establish for ourselves around the holidays can actually hinder rather than help our overall health. Think “I’ll work out extra hard so I can ‘earn’ my holiday meal,” or “I want to eat ‘clean’ this holiday, so I’ll skip the pie.”

You can read about those rules here.

What's one thing you love that you WILL be eating this year?

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