Moving back to Michigan 3 years ago was not exactly good for my waistline, I had to go on 2 weight loss programs since I have been here, lol.  Like my hometown in Chicago, there is so much great food to enjoy in the Mitten.

There are so many great choices where I am living in downtown Lansing as well. I find myself going to Goodfellas Bagels for the Bada Bing, one of my favorites on the breakfast menu. Plus there are so many wonderful restaurants within walking distance from me.

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We all love living here with our beautiful lakes and sights, But the best part of living here in Michigan is the food we get to eat all the time. Even visitors love our famous Michigan cuisine. Yes, much of it is comfort food.  Every day we get to enjoy Detroit-style Pizza, Wet Burritos, Olive Burgers, and Coney dogs. Plus according to foods like tart cherries and Michigan apples.

Check Out This Appetizing Food List

Here are some of the best foods which made Michigan famous and a must-eat when folks visit the Mitten.

  • Mackinac Island Fudge 
  • The Coney Island Hot Dog 
  • Buddy’s Detroit Style Pizza  
  • Tart Cherries 
  • Pasties 
  • Frankenmuth Chicken

  • Superman Ice Cream
  • Paczkis 
  • The Wet Burrito

I know, hungry yet. I love all the food Michigan has to offer but Chicago Pizza is still my favorite.  I am however a huge fan of Buddy's Pizza.

Really, Pickled Bologna?

Now I have not tried this, but I would like to try Pickled Bologna which I guess can be found in just about every local bar and party store in Michigan.  Some love it, some not so much, but I plan on giving it a try soon.

What is your number 1 favorite food in Michigan?

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