So many folks eat Chinese food on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I personally eat it a lot all year round. I am a big fan. So why all this popularity over the holidays?  Because they are always open over the holidays. says according to GrubHub Chinese food is 152% more popular on Christmas Day than it is the rest of the year.

In fact, three of the top five days of the year to order Chinese food are Christmas, Christmas Eve and New Year's Day, followed by "smoking holiday" (4/20) and Labor Day.

Some of my favorites are general tso chicken, shrimp fried rice, egg foo young and crab Rangoon. But where can you go in Lansing to get Chinese food? Here are the top Lansing Chinese places from yelp.

  1. Hong Kong Restaurant
  2. Huapei Restaurant  
  3. Asian Gourmet
  4. The Kung Foo
  5. Little Panda Chinese Restaurant 
  6. Colala Express
  7. Fortune House
  8. Perfect
  9. Charlie Kang's
  10. Empire Szechuan

I always like to get soup to start off the meal. Won Ton or egg drop are two of my favorites. I will also say it's true that no matter how much I eat, I am ready to eat again two or three hours after I eat Chinese food.

What's your favorite Chinese dishes or restaurants?

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