While for some of us, Thanksgiving can be a holiday with plenty to be thankful for, that may not be true for others.

Many families go without year round, not just on Thanksgiving. So if you have the ability to give to those in need, why not? It would make someone's holiday extra special, I would know. I remember my family got a special basket like this at Christmas one year... My family had been struggling a lot that year because my mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and my dad was the the sole supporter of our family of five. We got a basket with food, scarves and mittens, and even a few small toys for me and my siblings. It meant so much to know that others cared.

There are lots of places throughout Michigan that help those in need by providing special Thanksgiving baskets. The baskets include things like turkey, ham, and other Thanksgiving trimmings. CLICK HERE to find a program near you that helps out these families in need.

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