Seems like every time I get into a discussion about one of the nearby casinos, somebody asks, "What's going on with the casino in Lansing?". I was wondering the same thing and then - lo and behold - the Lansing State Journal comes through with a story about it.

Bottom line - it's a mess.

The tribe that that would operate the casino, the Sault St. Marie Tribe of the Chippewa Indians, has been going through some changes recently, saying their goal "has been (and is) to try to get more accountability within the tribal government, adhere to the Tribe’s Constitutional requirements, and ensure long term prosperity of the tribe." On  Friday, Aaron Payment, the tribe's board chair, said the "political coup" forced him to leave his office in Sault Ste Marie. (You can't blame him for looking for someplace warmer this time of year).

On top of all that, the U.S. Department of Interior still needs to approve the tribe's application to build the casino. So far, they've had the application for two year

If it does gets built, the casino will have a parking garage with 2900 parking spaces. As somebody who's parked downtown frequently, can we just let them build the garage part for right now?

Here's the story.


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