What was the worst thing growing up that you did that made your mom absolutely furious with you? One thing I remember I did when I was around four or five years old was deciding to take a walk right before dark. Where that idea came from, I don't know. I kind of remember walking the streets with a long stick in my hand. Then I remember one of Chicago's finest stopping and rolling down the window asking where I was going. I had no idea, was gone a few hours, and I was ecstatic to be getting a chauffeured ride home in a Chicago police car. Ugh my mom was mad.

So how about this to make your mom blow her stack? A six year old racked up more than $16,000 in Apple app store charges for his favorite video game "Sonic Forces" according to nypost.com.

While working from home during the pandemic, Wilton., Conn., real estate broker Jessica Johnson, 41, didn’t realize the younger of her two sons had gone on a shopping spree on her iPad. Over the month of July, George bought add-on boosters — starting with $1.99 red rings and moving up to $99.99 gold rings — that allowed him to access new characters and more speed, spending hundreds of bucks at a time.

By the time Mom Jessica figured it out and filed a fraud claim in July when her bill reached $16,293, it was to late. She was told by Chase that the charges were indeed hers and she needed to contact Apple. Wow. So how is your day?

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