It's moments and people like these that make me proud to call Lansing home.

Lansing BBQ Restaurant Helps Gaylord After Horrific Tornado

You've probably heard of Saddleback BBQ before. They have a location in REO Town Lansing and in Okemos. They also own Slice by Saddleback on Lansing's west side and the soon-to-open south side location on Pennsylvania. Heck, you've probably even had some of their deliciously smoked and barbequed meats. But, while their food is delicious, that's not what I love most about Saddleback BBQ...

What truly makes Saddleback BBQ so amazing is their strong sense of community and their selfless acts of service.

Tornado Destroys Parts of Gaylord, Michigan

Sadly, Gaylord, Michigan experienced a horrific tragedy when a tornado tore through town. The National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado with a rating of EF3 and with winds of up to 140 mph touched down on May 20th.

As of Saturday, May 21st, Fox 17 News reported that there have been two confirmed deaths and at least 44 people hospitalized. Businesses and homes were destroyed, trees were ripped from the ground, power lines went down, and there has been substantial property damage. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has declared a State of Emergency in Otsego County.

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Saddleback BBQ put the call-out on their Facebook page, letting patrons know that they'd be headed up to Gaylord today (Sunday, May 22nd) to hand out supplies and make free food for those who need it. Check it out in the posts below.

Saddleback's generosity knows no bounds.

So I guess this is a little bit of a love letter to Saddleback BBQ. Thank you for all you do.

You are constantly helping the community, small businesses, and those in need with your actions, money-raising efforts, and delicious food. Thank you for all you do! You are a shining example of what a business should be and do. Continue being awesome!

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