Just to show you that I'm aware that not EVERYONE will be out deer hunting this Friday, I bring you this piece of news: the 1st Annual Lansing Bourbon Fest Presented by Window World will take place this Friday. The Bourbon Fest will be at the Cadillac Room in REO Town, with live music, food trucks and whiskey and bourbon. 90 different bourbons and whiskeys. The main festivities will be inside, so don't let your friends wuss out (I had to look up the spelling of that) and tell you it'll be too cold.

The LBF will be held in two sessions - from 5pm until 8pm and another from 8:30 until 11pm. You can find out more by going to LansingBourbonFest.com

This might be the perfect event if you can't make Opening Day or you'd rather hear live music and sample high end bourbon instead of sitting around with stinky guys whining about how they didn't see any deer.

Wait - I might have stumbled onto something....

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