After more than three decades in business, East Lansing will have to say goodbye to one of its favorite establishments.

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With what feels like a great swiftness, Reno's East is closing its doors for the last time. According to the Lansing State Journal, Reno's East's last day of operation is Friday, June 28th at 3 pm.

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While many are sad to see this MSU game day favorite close, there is a silver lining; Reno's East owner Jessie Stipcak says the funds from the sale will help finance some expansion at the other Reno's location, Reno's North. She even has plans to add an indoor pickleball court! Additionally, about 90% of Reno's East staff are moving over to the North location, so lots of jobs are sticking around.

What Restaurant is Going in at the Old Reno's East?

While Reno's East will be shutting its doors, that location is going to remain a restaurant, just a different one.

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One North Kitchen & Bar is taking over the old Reno's East location.

You might be familiar with this small, Michigan-based chain. There's a location on Lansing's west side. Oddly enough, it is at the site of the old Reno's West location from back in the day. Plus, there's also a location in Jackson.

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At this time, there's no exact opening date. However, one of the owners of One North, Scott Berman, does anticipate the location to be open sometime this fall. A fall opening would be perfect, particularly to cater to the game day patrons and MSU Coaches' radio shows that will be taking place.

The coaches from MSU sports have been doing coaches' shows there for years, and the tradition will continue with One North opens.

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