UPDATE: I have been corrected that LeeLee's Coney & Grill is already open. LeeLee's opening day was September 22, according to the Lansing State Journal. My apologies, I thought the pictures I took were newer than they were. More about LeeLee's Coney & Grill here.


A new Lansing restaurant looks like it'll be opening its doors soon.

I was driving through Lansing's Eastside recently and saw some new signage up at the old Fish & Chips place on Michigan Avenue. Fish & Chips closed its doors back in April of this year, and since its closure, the building was vacant... until now that is.

I pulled over and got some pictures of the new business going into that space. Per the new signage, Lansing is getting a new Coney Island restaurant.: LeeLee's Coney & Grill Take a look through the gallery below and check out the beginnings of this new Lansing restaurant.

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