It's time to start saying goodbyes to another Lansing restaurant.

According to the Lansing State Journal, Fish & Chips (formerly Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips) will be closing its doors permanently pretty soon. Dave Miller, the now owner and long time employee of Fish & Chips, decided it was time to close up shop because his long-term lease was up, in addition to "declining business and the long hours needed to keep it going."

Miller started as an employee back in 1970, when Fish & Chips was Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips and Miller was about to be a high school junior. Miller started out as a fry cook, and nearly five decades later, is the owner.

Fish & Chips isn't closing right away; it will remain "open at least through April, then close permanently." So if you'd like to get your mitts on a basket of fish & chips, check them out at 2418 E Michigan Ave in Lansing. Click here for more history on this Lansing restaurant.

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