The annual 'Click It or Ticket' seat belt campaign officially ended yesterday (Sunday, June 2nd) and now Michigan State Police will be focusing on aggressive drivers. According to a report from WILX, the 'Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks' initiative kicks off today and will run from June 3rd thru June 7th and again from June 10th thru June 14th between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. each day.

Officials will be watching for aggressive drivers traveling along the I-94 corridor between Jackson and Detroit. (If you've ever had to travel on I-94, you know that there are LOTS of aggressive drivers on that highway.) During the 'Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks' campaign, drivers will be ticketed if they're caught speeding, tailgating other drivers, driving distracted, or using a lane improperly like not using a blinker or cutting off another driver. Click here to read more.



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