You may be seeing more police cars on the roadways over the next several weeks as the 'Click It Or Ticket' seat belt campaign kicks off today and will run through June 2nd. Law enforcement will be cracking down on motorists not wearing their seat belts and if you get caught not wearing your seat belt, it could cost you $65.

Here are some of the numbers from regarding the annual "Click It Or Ticket" campaign:

Number of grant-funded law enforcement agencies participating in the effort: 109

Number of counties where enforcement will take place:  38

Number of enforcement hours: approximately 3,400

Number of traffic fatalities during the holiday period: Michigan averages 17 traffic fatalities per year for the three days of the Memorial Day holiday. In 2017, there were 10 traffic fatalities over the three-day period. Preliminary information indicates there were 15 fatalities during the 2018 Memorial Day holiday.

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