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Here's a bad idea. Climb up on the Mackinac Bridge. Here's a worse idea. Climb up on the Mackinac Bridge, take pictures, and post them to social media.

Michigan State Police are looking for someone who climbed the Mackinac Bridge illegally and say that person could face felony charges for trespassing at a key transportation facility.

According to Cadillac's 9 & 10 News, officials with the Mackinac Bridge Authority were alerted to the photos which were posted on social media and reviewed an alarm incident that occurred in early November. No cause for the alarm could be determined, but when a second alarm was tripped hours later, authorities spotted someone leaving the bridge.

“This is not a harmless stunt; it’s inexcusably reckless,” said MBA Executive Secretary Kim Nowack in a news release on Wednesday. “This individual risked not only his own life but also the lives of those crossing the bridge beneath him, and would have threatened the safety of emergency personnel and Mackinac Bridge Authority (MBA) staff had a rescue been needed.”

Michigan Department of Transportation Director Paul C. Ajegba, also a member of the MBA, reiterated that the climber put him or herself and others in serious danger.

 “It is very troubling that someone would put their own life at risk not to mention that of others just for photos and thrills on our state’s signature bridge,” Ajegba said. “While the Michigan State Police continue their investigation, I have also asked the MDOT employees at the bridge to conduct a thorough review and implement measures to prevent future incursions.”

Click here to see the photo posted by TV 9 & 10.


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