I'm a huge fan of the Michigan History Museum in downtown Lansing. We've taken our kids down there countless times over the years. Usually, there's a temporary display near the entrance, so you'll always see something different. The rest of the museum tells the history of Michigan from pre-history to present time. And it's always interesting. (And here's a pro-tip: the museum's admission is FREE on Sundays)

Right now one of the new temporary displays is called, "Secret Lives of Michigan Objects." According to the Detroit Free Press, it includes a Vernor's bottle, a foot x-ray machine and the re-creation of a basement from the 70s. The intent overall is to tell the stories and show how objects are collected and cared for by museums. The other temporary display is a salute to the Michigan State Parks' 100th anniversary.

The museum also wants to hear from you. You can vote on three POSSIBLE objects that may go on display this fall. They are:

A decorative toaster.

An umbrella with a compass in the handle given to Abe Lincoln.

And a wreath made out of hair from his students.

I kid you not. Here's the story.

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