Michigan's Clean Slate Legislation goes into effect on April 11, 2021 and a Michigan-based medical cannabis company has released a couple limited products to support statewide expungement efforts.

According to Markets Insider, Fluresh will be donating $1 for every pack of their Creamberry 1/8 jars and their Pre-Roll 5-Packs to National Expungement Week, the Black & Brown Cannabis Guild, and Legal Aid of West Michigan.

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Denavvia Mojet, Corporate Impact Strategist & Legal Compliance Manager at Fluresh tells Markets Insider that their company is dedicated to bringing justice to those effected by cannabis-specific charges.

Fluresh is committed to leading the way in the cannabis industry with a dedication to social equity and justice, knowing expungement is a large part of that mission. While there is more work to be done, Michigan's historic Clean Slate Legislation is a significant step in the right direction to properly serve our communities.

Cannabis was legalized in Michigan in December 2018. However, several individuals still struggled to find employment or housing because of prior cannabis-related charges. In October 2020, Governor Whitmer signed the Clean Slate Legislation, allowing the expungement for individuals with certain felonies and misdemeanors one of those being cannabis-related charges.

The donations from Fluresh's limited edition products will cover background checks for individuals during National Expungement Week. Background checks are the first step in the expungement process. In 2020, Fluresh sponsored nearly 500 applications for expungement and hope to double that number with their Creamberry products.

For more information on Fluresh and their business, you can visit their website or Facebook page.

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