Lansing, Michigan is now officially part of the "MotorCities National Heritage Area". According to the Lansing State Journal, this has been in the works for 22 years, but now we have signs up - so it's official. There are four signs designating the area now up around Lansing. You'll see them on I-96 and I-69.

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We're part of the MotorCities National Heritage Area, because we build cars here. It's actually a pretty cool idea. According to the website: "MotorCities links the world’s largest collection of cultural and labor organizations, museums, archives, factories, auto collections and events to preserve the story of how tinkerers became titans and how auto and labor helped build the middle class while transforming manufacturing worldwide".

The MotorCities National Heritage Area encompasses about 10,000 square miles of southeast and central Michigan and is affiliated with the National Park Service - the same NPS that runs Yellowstone and Isle Royale.

I can't wait until they bring in the wolves and buffalo.

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