Holy Knights of Templar! This is MADNESS!

History (they hate being called "The History Channel" now, but it's a hard habit to break) has announced that season 6 of "The Curse of Oak Island" will be the biggest ever. According to Starcasm.net, last season we got 20 hours of "Curse" over 18 episodes. This season we'll watch 30 hours of programming. And, we're getting more spin-off shows. What does this mean? It means "Curse of Oak Island" is the highest rated show on History and they want to get paid. In fact, it's the highest rated non-fiction series on all of cable TV. So, it's not going anywhere. This season, which debuts on November 13th, will feature all sorts of new technology being used to get to the secrets of the "Money Pit".

And get ready for the spin-offs. According to Deadline.com"The Curse of Civil War Gold", based in Muskegon, is coming back for a second season and History is planning to do another spin-off, called "Yamashita's Gold", which is about treasure buried by Japanese soldiers in the Philippine jungles during World War 2.

I hear you. "Curse" makes me crazy, too. They haven't found much, really. And I wonder how much money they really have to spend on all that equipment. If I had a company that was involved in digging or diving or searching for things underground, I'd be donating my services, just to get all that national exposure. But, I like the history lesson I get every week, so I'll keep watching. And so will a lot of other people.


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