I have made no secret of the fact that there have been some frustrating times in past seasons for fans of "The Curse of Oak Island". I appreciated the history lessons, but wondered if there would ever be any end to the hunt for (supposedly) buried treasure. Take it from a die hard fan - I think the end is near.

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If you went away in a huff because you felt like the Lagina brothers were taking you on a wild goose chase, you might want to watch the season finale on History, this Tuesday. Since the show first aired in January of 2014, the whole object has been to find "The Money Pit" - the place where the treasure is buried - more than 150 feet underground. As of the last couple of episodes, it's clear that they are about to get into the Money Pit. But, will there be treasure? My guess is they find something to confirm they've found the Money Pit this Tuesday and then make us wait until next season to see what (if anything) is buried there. That's what I would do if I ran the show.

My question is - how will the COVID-19 pandemic affect this show? I would think filming for the next season is about to get underway on Oak Island. And for that matter how will the coronavirus affect ALL the reality shows? It might be a while before we see any new episodes of "The Curse of Oak Island", "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" or "The Bachelor".

Never seen "The Curse of Oak Island"? Could be some binge-worthy TV. Here's the "Curse of Oak Island" official website.

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