Last night was the two hour season finale of "The Curse of Oak Island" TV show. A show where two brothers from Michigan are trying to find buried treasure on island off the coast of Nova Scotia.

But it's fans are not pleased:







The Lagina brothers (who are from the U.P. and now operate out of Traverse City) finally found something of interest last night. No, it wasn't gold bars or priceless religious relics. But they DID pull up twisted metal from over 160 feet underground. And they were told by an expert that the metal may be 300 years old and, possibly, metal that may have been part of a chest. As the announcer would say on the show, "Like a treasure chest?" To me it just looked like the debris you'd see after a wreck at an intersection. (And by the way - leave that announcer, Robert Clotworthy, alone - he's also does the voice-over work on "Ancient Aliens". So, TWO of my favorite shows)

That said, it's taken the Lagina brothers ten years and MILLIONS of dollars (and four seasons of reality TV) to get to this point. And still - no gold bars or Holy Grail or Ark of the Covenant. Some friends of mine who are fans of the show are starting to voice their displeasure. (See above) There will be a post-season update of the situation next Tuesday night, filmed at the Lagina's office in Traverse City.

And speculation is already running rampant that there will be NO season 5 of "Curse". I may be a glutton for punishment, but I'll watch, if there is a season 5. And it is one of the most watched shows on History. My guess is there WILL be a season 5.


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