Well, I'm still in for whatever comes next on "The Curse of Oak Island", but the season finale on Tuesday night was interesting. And (IMO) it's not so much a treasure hunt anymore - Oak Island is clearly about to turn into a HUGE archaeological dig site. (Spoilers follow)

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On last night's season 7 finale, we didn't see any treasure come up, because there's been so much digging on that island for the last 200 years, it's getting tougher to dig holes without them caving in. And that's exactly what happened, just before the team was about to reach what MIGHT have been the elusive treasure. (I'm such a sucker - they get me every time) So now what's the plan? To pretty much dig the whole island up.

According to Marty Lagina, their plan going forward is to dig a hole 100 feet wide and 250 feet deep around the "Money Pit" area. If there's treasure there, they'll find it, but according to last night's show this dig will take them three years and cost in the "tens of millions" of dollars. Marty Lagina, the brother who's always been a doubter, last night said he thinks there's about a 20% chance there's any gold or silver buried on Oak Island. That sounds about right.

But here's the most important fact of all - thanks to crazy dads like me, "Curse of Oak Island" is still the top rated cable TV show in America. So, three more years? Someone at History Channel is laughing manically right now.

What do you think? Will you still be watching when it comes back?

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