Calling all fans of pirates and the Knights Templar - here we go again.

Michigan's own Rick and Marty Lagina are back for Season 7 of "The Curse of Oak Island" on History. According to ProSportsExtra, the season premiere will be Tuesday, November 5th. History has already released the teaser promo.

In the aforementioned promo it's announced, "The mysteries will be brought to the surface." (Of course, it's read in a very mysterious way, so go back and read that line to yourself in a mysterious voice. We'll wait.)

I hope something good gets brought to the surface. Here's what we do know: as of right now, operations are ongoing on Oak Island. According to the Facebook page, Oak Island From The Other Side of The Causewaythere's still a lot happening on the island. This summer they've had giant cranes, amphibious excavators and document shredders (?) visiting the island. It looks like the  cofferdam has been extended and there's serious activity in "the swamp".

So far, though - no reports of Brinks trucks arriving to take away all the gold.

I want to believe, but I think the real treasure will turn out to be the discovery of some previously unknown history of that island. Maybe pirates stopped there. Maybe the Knights Templar. But, I bet the gold and silver (for the most part) is long gone.

There. I said it. I'll still watch every episode, but I'm losing faith in the thought of finding the Holy Grail or buckets of gold. Please make me wrong, Rick and Marty.

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