According to Fox News, Dan Blakenship, one of the guys the crew on History's "The Curse of Oak Island" has always turned to for his knowledge of the island, passed away on Sunday. He was 95.

Dan has been a part of the search for treasure (or whatever's buried there) for the past 50 years. His son David is one of the core guys now looking for it. I'm sure the two stars of the show, Michigan's Rick and Marty Lagina are very upset, after all the time they've spent with Dan.

Dan was a contractor in Florida when, in 1965, he read an article in Reader's Digest about the story of treasure on Oak Island (the same article the Lagina brothers read that led to their involvement). According to his bio on the show's website, "I had a good contracting business in Florida. I had friends, a good reputation and I shucked it all to come up here and make a gamble.”

One of the ancient legends surrounding the treasure, dating back 200 plus years, is that seven people will have to die before the treasure will be revealed. Six people who have searched for the treasure have already died - most of them in accidents. Is Dan the seventh?

Airing tonight is the second to last episode of this season. (UPDATE as of 3/22 - apparently they have at LEAST 5 more shows, with what LOOKS like the finale airing now on April 23rd) Those of us who are hard core fans keep hanging in there. Looks to me like they're getting close to finding something important. (I know - it ALWAYS looks like that)

And if they DO find something, it'll be in large part because of the things they learned from Dan Blakenship.

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