Michigan is the hottest new place for treasure hunting. A month after Forrest Fenn's treasure was found in the Rocky Mountains, a jeweler from Macomb County has come up with an idea along the same line. With a twist.

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North of Detroit, in Macomb County, Johnny Perri had a shop called J&M Jewelers. When he decided to retire, he took everything in the store - about a million dollars worth of jewelry - and buried it all over Michigan. According to Fox2Detroit, it took Johnny and his wife four months to bury it all, in dozens of different places. And now he's going to make money by selling tickets (the first tickets will cost $49) which get you clues for where to find the individual treasure stashes. The first ticket-holders will get clues to the first stash (which Johnny says is worth about $4,000) on August 1st.

This guy's brilliant. Let's do some math. The total worth of the prizes is $1,000,000. The average worth of one stash is $4,000. That means he's buried about 250 treasure stashes. If he sells a thousand tickets for clues to each treasure stash at $49....um...hang on....That's about $12,250,000!

And THAT'S how you retire kids.

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