According to Monsters and Critics, one of the better sites that follow it, there are only two episodes left of Season 5 on "The Curse of Oak Island". I know there are a lot of doubters (I've been one of those over the last couple of seasons), BUT - I think things are really getting interesting on "the island".

Recently, the team found a lead cross that may have ties to the Knights Templar, who were rumored to have been on the island hundreds of years ago. This week they found what appeared to be a keyhole from an old chest. In previews for next week, it looks like they'll dig up ancient jewelry. But none of this stuff is coming from the "Money Pit" area that was supposed to hold all the treasure.

HOWEVER, after spending millions of dollars on high-tech boring rigs to dig in the "Money Pit" area (where they think buried treasure vaults lie), the Lagina boys have hit what seems to be something large and metal, almost 80 feet down. I have to admit - that would take some doing to have put a metal plate that deep hundreds of years ago.

How the heck does that happen?

A metal plate, 80 feet down? Jewelry and pieces of an old treasure chest? (When you read that does it sound like the voice guy on the show?)

Here's the story. (Again - spoiler alert)

Looks like we'll definitely be getting a Season 6 of "The Curse of Oak Island".

Until then, you may want to check out a new show that some of this same crew is involved in called The Curse of Civil War Gold. It starts on March 6th:


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