Michigan's Lagina brothers, the central players on History's reality TV show, "The Curse of Oak Island", have a problem.

The Lagina brothers and their business partners own most of Oak Island. They and their partners are also heavily involved with the "Friends of Oak Island Society", a non-profit that offers walking tours of the island. According to the Canadian news site, CTV, someone set up a clone of the Friends of Oak Island Society website and has been selling FAKE tour tickets. AND not only is this person scamming fans of the show, but, according to the Society's Facebook page, “It appears that the perpetrator is someone we have known and trusted for many years. We can confirm that the individual is no longer associated with Friends of Oak Island in any capacity.”

Wow. Who the heck is that? Somebody we've seen on the show?

And here's the Friends of Oak Island Society website, so you (and I - someday) can get some real tickets and take the tour.

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