Hangovers; the older we become, the worse they get. Am I right or am I right? I remember when I used to be able to wake up after a night of drinking and run a mile. Now, I can barely get out of bed. Sometimes I feel like if I even look at a beer, I can feel a hangover setting in.

Everybody is different and has their own hangover cures. What's yours? Mine is drinking half a bottle of Gatorade before going to bed and storing it in the freezer so it's a slushy in the morning. Can't forget the Meclizine (motion sickness pill) and Motrin too.

Are you someone who likes to wake up and grab a Bloody Mary? I love them, but I don't feel like they help my hangovers. According to Yahoo, "the hair of the dog" isn't the way to cure your hangover. Here's why,

"In a sense, a hangover is just a mini withdrawal syndrome, where your brain is paying you back for the effects that the alcohol had in the first place. Because of this, drinking more alcohol merely provides temporary relief to the problem and can often lead to an even worse hangover the next day."

Of course there's the more obvious ways to avoid a hangover. Water is your friend. Hangovers are mainly from dehydration, so always try to periodically drink water if you're in for a long night of drinking. Hey, it all eventually tastes like water if you're a few deep anyways. Ya feel me? And make sure you eat a good meal! If you're looking for some great brunch spots, check these out!

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