I've been single for four years now? I don't know, I've lost track quite honestly. You're probably thinking, "Gee, what's wrong with her?" Truth is, I just haven't really had the time with work and moving around the last couple years. Have I gone on dates here and there? Sure, but nothing sticks. I'm not complaining, I really don't mind the single life. Especially with how dating is this day and age.

Don't get me wrong, online dating makes it easy to meet new people. However, it puts a little more pressure on trying to make a connection with someone right away. It's kind of like watching a new show, if it doesn't grab your attention in the first 15 minutes, you're onto the next one.

The other thing is trying to shuffle back and forth between people and remember if Josh is the one that works in IT or if that's Caleb. It's almost like you need to keep cliff notes in your phone on who is who. I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast let alone someone else's life. Especially when I just started talking to them. Ya feel me?

And of course, there's "cat fishing." I mean, we can't forget about that. They made an entire show about it on MTV so we wouldn't. You gotta admit, online dating is a little scary. Is Sean really who he says he is? You really don't know unless you're about to jump on FaceTime with him right away. Imagine that, "Hey, FaceTime me just so I can make sure you're real and your face is actually your face and not someone else's."

Hey, I'm not completely knocking online dating. I download, delete, repeat dating apps all the time. I'm just saying, if you think online dating sucks sometimes, you're not alone.

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