I have been single for 20 years, and it seems the older I get the more stressed I get over dating. It has become so complicated. I am not a fan of online dating even though I have friends that have had success. A few have been married for a while and are very happy.

Here is something you can do to test if you are on a first date with a good person according to Yahoo.com.

I personally look for signs on a first date like is the conversation awkward.  Am I struggling for something to talk about? Are they only talking about themselves? Is the conversation starting easy and natural? If you meet and have an instant connection, it's a lot easier to feel comfortable on a first date.

Here's a first date story of mine and one of the few times I went on a online date.  At my friends insistence, I was willing to try it. So we met at a happy hour and I was shocked she looked just like her profile picture, which was a plus for me because that meant she was probably honest.

As the date continued and we ordered appetizers, I was getting confident that there might be a second date. It was going well. But then out of nowhere she broke down and started crying. What, are you kidding me? She said she was not ready to date because she was BROKEN! She missed her husband and I said CHECK PLEASE! I was not upset, though. I give her credit for giving it the old college try.

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