It’s time to say bye bye to the old way of dating. Calling someone to ask them out used to be the the way to go. These days texting, DMing, and snapchatting have replaced "hey lets grab a drink." It also has been that men always made the first move, but that has sure changed, and some dating apps require women to message first. Yep modern dating has taken over. Which is fine with me because I do not like making the first move. Probably why I have been single for a while.

This from has the most searched online dating question in all states. You can find the full report here.

I grew up in Chicago, so I had to check Illinois, and it was  "How to flirt over text." Huh, sounds like a question I would ask. Here is Michigan's most searched online dating question: "How to break up over text."  Haha way to go Michiganders.

I have not been much of an online dater. The few times I tried it I found that gals were less than honest about their bio and using old pictures. I am sure a lot of men do the same thing.

A friend of mine tried it, and a few girls tried to scam him out of money before they even met. You really have to be careful.

Have you tried online dating? How did it go?

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