You've probably heard me talk about online dating and how I'm not the biggest fan of it. Are these people really who they say they are? How do you keep track of who is who and what it is they do? It's a lot of effort and basically what I'm saying is, I'm lazy. I would've preferred if Prince Charming came knocking on my door in search of me while I'm on the couch in the middle of eating a pint of ice cream. But it doesn't work that way. Online dating is the way to go these days, especially because of the pandemic.   

I'm part of this Facebook group with almost 30k members. Someone asked for people to share their stories on how they met their significant other. Let me just say, Hallmark needs to pick up some of these stories and turn them into movies. 
One girl posted that her and her husband met online in 2004 before online dating was a thing. Her parents didn't want her talking to this guy because she was 14 and they were scared he wasn't who he said he was. Fast forward 2.5 years later, and her husband stole his mom's car and drove across the country to meet her for the first time. Well, his mom called the police after finding a note he left for her. So, the police were patrolling the interstate between Ohio and Minnesota looking for a runaway kid. He got lost along the way because GPS wasn't a thing back then and met her and her parents at a gas station and the rest was history.
Here's another good story, this couple met 10 years ago because her best friend and his cousin wanted them to date. The two kept in touch and were relatively close throughout the years, but it was never the right timing. Obviously, the universe was trying to tell these two something because she moved to Florida a few years ago and his job asked him to move there. A few months later she moved to Indiana and you guessed it, his job asked him to go there as well. In May, her friend and his cousin passed away which brought them back together. I bet the friends up there, smirking right now saying, "I told ya so." Oh yeah, this story may or may not be mine.
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