There's an urban legend in Holt that the basement in Hope Middle School is haunted. According to, back in the early 1980's, a girl was killed when a hall gate in the school slammed down for no apparent reason and crushed her skull. Through the years, there have been residents in Holt that say they've heard a girl screaming and the sound of lockers slamming.

That being said, it makes complete sense for the Holt High School Art Club to have their 5th Annual Holt H.S. Haunted House IN THE BASEMENT OF HOPE MIDDLE SCHOOL! I mean, come on, the place is already haunted! The event is this Saturday, October 18th from 7p-10p and proceeds will benefit the HHS, Hope and Washington Woods Art programs and Challenge Day! The school is located at the corner of Holt Road and Park Lane. Tickets are $5.00.

**And please--for the love of all things haunted--if you know more about this urban legend let me know asap!**


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