If you didn't know, there's an urban legend in Holt that the basement in Hope Middle School is haunted. Here's how the story goes...according to Strangeusa.com, back in the early 1980’s, a girl was killed when a hall gate in the school slammed down for no apparent reason and crushed her skull. Through the years, there have been residents in Holt that say they’ve heard a girl screaming and the sound of lockers slamming.

So...it's happening again this year...the students from the Holt High School Art Club are hosting their annual haunted house event in the *haunted* basement of Hope Middle School. It will be held this Saturday, 10/15 and next 10/22 from 7pm to 10pm both days. Tickets are $5 and proceeds benefit the the high school and middle school art clubs and Challenge Day. The school is located at the corner of Holt Road and Park Lane.